Avenue Q is Sesame Street for Big Kids

From notable songs such as “The Internet Is for Porn” and “If You Were Gay,” Avenue Q playing at Wasatch Theatre Company through September 22nd is purely for the big kids’ entertainment. Despite the Sesame Street reminiscent puppets this wonderful show is all about what it’s like to really be a grown up and is absolutely not for the young ones. Continue reading

Musical Theater Takes on Depression!

Admittedly, I was thrilled when I found out that Midvale Main Street Theater had made the brave choice to produce this show. Next to Normal is one of my all time favorites. I have seen several productions from SLC to NYC. However, I was also worried because this is a Pulitzer Prize winning piece of a theatrical genius (in my opinion). I didn’t expect perfection but I hoped that it would be treated with the respect that it deserved. Continue reading

Expect Darkenss In a Dark Dark House

In a Dark Dark House produced by Wasatch Theater Company is just that – dark! In a play with so many twists and turns, a reviewer is hard pressed to give an in-depth reflection without people crying “spoiler.” Thus, it makes it very difficult for me to truly express my enjoyment and love of this production – which I highly recommend seeing! Continue reading

Sleepy Hallow Haunts the Stage in Centerville

My love of theater began with musicals and while I have a much wider appreciation for all theater, a good old-fashioned musical still warms my heart. Sleepy Hollow is just that, a good old-fashioned musical. I have to admit, coming into this, I haven’t seen the Disney version of this show and really have no reference for the story line. My greatest surprise was to find that this show is home grown, written and directed by Jim Christian with music from Tom Edward Clark. It originally premiered with Weber State University in 2009 and went on to win the National Musical Theater and Playwriting Award from the Kennedy Center. And now, we get the distinct pleasure to experience this production at CenterPoint. Continue reading

You may have missed the Parade….

Parade with Spotlight Theater Company has already closed but was an amazing production that should be acknowledged. Even if you missed the Parade, keep an eye out for what Spotlight does next, it will be worth your time. Continue reading

2 Wives, 1 Man and a Ride Down Mount Morgan….

“Do you hate me?” our lead asks at the end of this production. He is met with the response “I don’t know. I have to think about it.” The Ride Down Mount Morgan at Westminster College certainly made me think about it and a lot of others things. I’m not sure why I expected a comedy or farce walking into this show, but was surprised with a very thought provoking and engaging evening. The show does an excellent job of not choosing sides, rather tells a story and lets the audience arrive at their own opinion. And from the reactions of my theater going partners, that opinion can vary greatly. Continue reading

Hairspray puts the Community in Community Theater!

I think I’ve been to Spanish Fork twice in my life. The first time was about a year ago to review Wizard of Oz with the Spanish Fork Youtheater. Tonight, I returned to the same high school to review Hairspray with the Spanish Fork Community Theater (SFCT).

Above anything else, these people know how to put the “Community” in Community Theater. In both cases, I was surprised that they not only nearly sold out a several hundred-seat theater, but it feels like everyone in the community is actually involved. From the ticket takers, to the snack sellers, to the older gentleman sitting by himself across the isle having the time of his life – this community theater production embodies community. Continue reading

Under the Spell of Godspell

What does Domino’s Pizza, Judge Judy, Lady Gaga, Robert J. Debry and Sarah Palin all have in common? They (or at least references of) can all be found in Parable Productions’ charming version of Godspell. One might expect to be mired down with scripture and preaching during a religious show. It was an absolute treat to be drawn into a show through the use of off-the-cuff humor and modern comedic references. Continue reading

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