Held in Arthur Miller’s Crucible

Through numerous revivals and television adaptations, Arthur Miller’s allegorical play The Crucible has taken on new and important meaning, traveling through sixty years of American history and serving as a bastion of American theater. Though the story of the play is concerned with the Salem Witch Trials, its original intent was to hold a mirror up to the McCarthy-era fear of Communism, and the work has remained relevant through its portrayal of intolerance, prejudice and suspicion. Continue reading

2 Wives, 1 Man and a Ride Down Mount Morgan….

“Do you hate me?” our lead asks at the end of this production. He is met with the response “I don’t know. I have to think about it.” The Ride Down Mount Morgan at Westminster College certainly made me think about it and a lot of others things. I’m not sure why I expected a comedy or farce walking into this show, but was surprised with a very thought provoking and engaging evening. The show does an excellent job of not choosing sides, rather tells a story and lets the audience arrive at their own opinion. And from the reactions of my theater going partners, that opinion can vary greatly. Continue reading

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