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Why Advertise Here?
“That’s my favorite show! I wish I’d know they were putting it on, I would have auditioned, or at least bought a ticket!”

Since its start in January 2010, Backstage Utah has experienced rapid growth in visitor traffic, showing an increase of up-to 20,000 visits per month. These are regular, local  visitors, who look to this site as their primary resource for all information on upcoming theatrical productions.

If you are putting on a show, your audience demographic will always include theatre enthusiasts. When you advertise on Backstage Utah, you’re advertising directly to a large portion of your audience.

Advertise My Show

An ad for your upcoming production can display in the advertising banner on the right of this screen in the “Now Playing” rotator, in addition, your ad will also display on the Now Playing Page in a wider display. The ad acts as a link and will drive traffic directly to your website or ticket page when it’s clicked. This advertising is purchased and posted on a per-production basis, and will run from the date you send it until your final performance date.



SJCT_OliverAdAll graphical advertisements should be set at 250 pixels wide and at 72 dpi.

The rotator will force the graphic to the specified width, but to save on download speed, we ask that all graphics be set at the size listed.

Since you’re likely shrinking your poster from a large print size down to 250 pixels wide, it’s recommended that you check that your design doesn’t become unreadable once it’s rendered. The example on the right shows a design that fits the parameters, but doesn’t lose either its graphical quality, nor is any of the pertinent information left unreadable.


The advertising rate to have your ad displayed in the bar at the right, as well as on the Now Playing page, is $25/production. Your ad will run for the length of your ticket sales.

Can I still post my show announcement for Free?

Yes, that’s still free and will display as a text link on the Now Playing page. However, that will be a text link listed with all the other text links for all the other shows that have also posted. Your show may be buried under other shows that aren’t opening for a few months. A graphic ad for your show, displayed on the right of every page as well as above the text links, will have more people click it. Post your show here

Advertise Your Season

Don’t like sharing the spotlight with other companies? Do you have your entire season planned out with posters ready and your dates set? Then set up a season ad. Season ads display on the right in their own rotator dedicated to your company only.

Price for a Season ad is $125 and can feature up to 9 different posters.

PLEASE NOTE: For seasonal advertisement, please send your artwork, including your company banner in a zip file. If you are unable to send it in that manner, please indicate so in your message and I will contact you with options.

How Do I Pay You?

Once you’ve sent your ad and website link, it will be posted and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you. Payments are due upon receipt.

Is there another place I can put my ad?

Don’t like the right side positioning? Want to put the ad someplace else? Let’s talk. Use the form below to contact me about your idea for placement. An increase of fees may apply based on the complexity of the ad placement.

Sounds Great! Let’s Do It!

Advertise my Business

Are you a vocal coach? Acting Coach? Dance Instructor? Printer? Theatrical Supply Company? You want the patrons of this site to find you, and we can help!
Your ad can be displayed site-wide either horizontally at the top of the page or vertically in the right-hand ad column. You can also optimize your ad by placing it on a single page.
Business ads run for a 3 month period. After that trial period, we can negotiate rates for permanent placement.


Site-wide horizontal ad: $100
Site-Wide vertical ad: $100
Single page ad: $75

Artwork Dimensions

Horizontal ads: Max: 1078 px wide x 100 px tall
Vertical ads: Max: 200 px wide x 500 px tall
Single page ads should follow the dimensions for horizontal or vertical ads listed above.

Is there another place I can put my ad?

Do you have a specific ad that you always use for online advertising that doesn’t fit the size parameters I have listed, but you think you see a place it might still fit? Let’s talk. Use the form below to contact me about your idea for placement. An increase of fees may apply based on the complexity of the ad placement.

Sounds Great! Let’s Do It!

You’ve Convinced Me!

Please use this form to request advertising:

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