Hairspray puts the Community in Community Theater!

I think I’ve been to Spanish Fork twice in my life. The first time was about a year ago to review Wizard of Oz with the Spanish Fork Youtheater. Tonight, I returned to the same high school to review Hairspray with the Spanish Fork Community Theater (SFCT).

Above anything else, these people know how to put the “Community” in Community Theater. In both cases, I was surprised that they not only nearly sold out a several hundred-seat theater, but it feels like everyone in the community is actually involved. From the ticket takers, to the snack sellers, to the older gentleman sitting by himself across the isle having the time of his life – this community theater production embodies community. Continue reading

Review: Hairspray – Midvale Main Street Theatre

I know what you’re thinking… “ANOTHER production of Hairspray this year?” Yes, many have done it this season. From community theatre companies to high schools. It’s on the verge of being over done. However, this is definitely not the case of “you’ve seen one production of Hairspray, you’ve seen them all.” No. What director Tammy Ross creates with the Main Street Theatre’s production is a fun and original show, featuring some absolutely beautiful performances. Continue reading

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