“Dog Sees God” Brings Raw Truth to the Stage

Upon entering the theater, I found myself thinking “How in the world are they going to tie LGBTQ issues into a parody of “The Peanuts?” However, by the end of the production, I was left with the thought “How could they have made this statement any other way?” Continue reading

Parable Production’s Once Upon A Forest

The combination of fractured fairy tales, music, humor, history, zany characters, and parables created an incredibly sweet children’s show. After seeing the quality of the production, I was surprised more members of the congregation had not come out to see it. I would definitely recommend that any Christian family looking for an inexpensive night out take their children to this production. Continue reading

A New Take on “The Tempest”

The theater was tiny, the stage was modest, and the audience was small, but an electric feeling hung in the air as everyone waited in anticipation of the new production. The house lights went down, a shockingly modern post-apocalyptic sound track began, and the lights came up to reveal a startling display of interpretive dance. This began what was, unfortunately, a very confusing performance. Continue reading

Lehi City Arts Council’s “The Mousetrap”, A Terrifyingly Good Time

From the moment the house lights dimmed to the moment the actors took their bows, the audience was enraptured by the performance. I was almost as delighted to watch the audience as I was to watch the show itself, as I noted a young girl sitting at the edge of her chair completely entranced by the action onstage and an elderly man just behind her in the same exact position. This type of audience involvement is rare for most straight shows, but the cast of Lehi’s The Mousetrap did a marvelous job of drawing us into another time and place for a frighteningly enjoyable evening. Continue reading

“The Complete Works” Packs a Punch

This past Friday night I attended Wasatch Theatre Company’s “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)”. I should have guessed by the show’s title that it would offer some serious bang for your buck, but I had not anticipated the slapstick style Shakespeare that was about to shake up my night. Continue reading

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