“Dog Sees God” Brings Raw Truth to the Stage

Upon entering the theater, I found myself thinking “How in the world are they going to tie LGBTQ issues into a parody of “The Peanuts?” However, by the end of the production, I was left with the thought “How could they have made this statement any other way?” Continue reading

Knight for a Day – Little Show, Big Heart

When I saw that Draper Historic Theatre was doing an original play about princesses and knights, I must admit, I suppressed an eye roll. I was certain that would mean I was in for an evening of poorly executed slapstick, corny puns, and a thinly veiled moral delivered by an overacting heroine. But Knight for Day is none of these things. Draper’s debut of the original, family friendly play by Paul and Patrick Gibbs is charming, delightful and full of heart. While the performance I saw had its share of flaws, the show’s solid cast, witty dialogue and feel good message left me enchanted and uplifted. Continue reading

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