“CYMBELINE” by William Shakespeare Presented by The New World Shakespeare Company

I will stipulate that mental illness is a problem, one that is too often unrecognized. Certainly Cloten’s mental illness in … Continue reading

Backstage Review: New World Shakespeare Company’s “Macbeth”

Forget Freddie and Jason, Macbeth is history’s scariest killer, and he’s back in Salt Lake just in time for Halloween. After … Continue reading

A New Take on “The Tempest”

The theater was tiny, the stage was modest, and the audience was small, but an electric feeling hung in the air as everyone waited in anticipation of the new production. The house lights went down, a shockingly modern post-apocalyptic sound track began, and the lights came up to reveal a startling display of interpretive dance. This began what was, unfortunately, a very confusing performance. Continue reading

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