Canyon Country

Canyon Country by Liv C. Smith: To Perform at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

Auditions Due:

  •  11:59 pm on Monday, May 15th

Call Backs:

  • evening of Thursday, May 18th by invitation only 

Date of Shows: 

  • July 28th-August 6th 2023

Date of Rehearsals: 

  • Wednesday, July 19th- Thursday, July 27th (Monday-Saturday excluding holidays)


  • Script-In-Hand Reading


  • 12.5% split of profits made from Fringe performances


Audition Details:

Auditions for Canyon Country will be virtual. Please email a youtube link to a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue, a headshot, and resume to by no later than Monday, May 15th at 11:59 pm. In the email, please include your preferred pronouns, your race/ethnicity, which roles you’d like to be considered for, and any conflicts you have during the rehearsal process.  Actors of all gender identities and ethnicities as well as actors with disabilities are encouraged to audition.


Show Summary:

Canyon Country is a contemporary story about a group of campers who are stranded at a remote campsite in Southern Utah by a flash flood. These strangers have deep divides but are forced to gather around one campfire. Driven apart by ideological differences, tempers soon run hotter than the flames. A medical emergency interrupts the chaos, forcing the campers to figure out if they can work together when a life is at stake. 

Contempt for people who differ from us in demographic or belief has led to the dehumanization of people in our community on both sides of the political divide. Canyon Country advocates for compassion for people who are unlike us in hopes that a heightened level of empathy will enable us to work across the divide to solve issues, heal communities, and encourage belonging. 



Elias– (male, Mexican American, 18) shy but eager to be included, sweet, intuitive, tries to appear older and calmer than he is, most recently from Grand Junction


Jade– (female/non-binary, any ethnicity, mid-twenties) liberal; unapologetically herself; mouthy but intelligent; self-important; Aries; in a relationship with Sadie


Kaden– (male, white, early twenties) conservative; arrogant and entitled; charming; genuinely kind hearted; a returned LDS missionary who attends BYU; engaged to Wynter


Sara– (female, Mexican American, late twenties/early thirties) politically moderate; nurturing and motherly; charming; vibrant;  lives in West Valley; married to Marcus  


Marcus– (male, any ethnicity other than latino, late twenties/early thirties) politically moderate; laid back but commands respect; intelligent but not elitist; adores his wife, Sara


Sadie– (female, any ethnicity, mid-twenties) liberal; tries to keep up with everyone but isn’t well informed; sweet; perfectionistic and Type A; emotional; an ex-Christian who’s trying to find herself outside of the church; in a relationship with Jade


ROLE NOT AVAILABLE Wynter– (female, any ethnicity, early twenties) conservative; LDS; bubbly to the brink of obnoxious; quirky and outgoing; smiley; open-minded; excited about life but struggling to find a path of her own; engaged to Kaden


Please contact Olivia Buck at or text 801-885-4065 with questions. 

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