Pretty, Dirty

Pretty, Dirty by Liv C. Smith: To Perform At the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

Auditions Due: 

  • 11:59 pm on Monday, May 15th

Call Backs:

  • evening of Wednesday, May 18th by invitation only 

Date of Shows: 

  • July 28th-August 6th 2023

Date of Rehearsals:

  • Monday, June 26th- Thursday, July 27th (Monday-Saturday excluding holidays)

Type of Show: 

  • Staged Production 


  • $300 stipend + 15% split of profits made from Fringe performances


Audition Details:

Auditions for Pretty, Dirty will be virtual. Please email a youtube link to a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue, a headshot, and resume to by no later than Monday, May 15th at 11:59 pm. In the email, please include your preferred pronouns, your race/ethnicity, which roles you’d like to be considered for, and any conflicts you have during the rehearsal process.  Actors of all gender identities and ethnicities as well as actors with disabilities are encouraged to audition.


Show Summery:

 “Pretty, Dirty” is a black box theatrical production that explores three women’s dependence on nature for a sense of autonomy and individual freedom. The story opens on the eve of the winter solstice and one woman’s attempt at a winter summit of Mount Timpanogos. After a life-threatening avalanche rattles her confidence, she must return to nature to rediscover her inner power meanwhile, forcing her friend to consider their own sense of agency in an increasingly regulated world. This show explores the dichotomy of being a woman who’s capable of being both pretty and dirty (in the literal and figurative sense) in a city that wants them to resign themselves to easily defined boxes. 



Haisley– (female, any ethnicity, mid twenties) classic dirtbag adventurer who loves her friends and the outdoors, curious, playful, vivacious and expressive


Lizzy– (female, any ethnicity, late twenties) skillful weekend warrior, assertive, resourceful, guarded, but direct, separated from her husband Scott, mother of Emmy


Tessa– (female, any ethnicity, mid twenties) “that girl” aesthetic, wannabe influencer, anxious perfectionist, devoted friend, emotional, sweet, and caring


Please contact Olivia Buck at or text 801-885-4065 with questions. 

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