Captain Blood: The Musical – Concept Album

TITLE: Captain Blood: The Musical – Concept Album 


TYPE: Non-Union 

PRODUCER: Jordan Pearson 


VIDEO AUDITIONS: Due by May 17th, 2023. Please email the following materials to 

  1. Resume
  2. Youtube links of you performing 16 bars of a musical theatre piece. (You may also include any theatre reels/demos that show off your vocal/acting talent). 

*Must have own recording equipment.  Casting will be finalized by May 19th, with script and sheet music sent out by May 20th. There will be no callbacks.  

RECORDING SCHEDULE: First draft recordings due (June 2nd, 5pm), Edits/Notes sent (June 10th, 5pm), Final draft recordings due (June 10th, 5pm). 

We are specifically looking for vocalists to record for the following characters:


PETER BLOOD (Male 20-35 / Baritone-Tenor): 

A noble, altruistic doctor who escapes slavery and becomes a pirate.

(Edmund Dantes meets Robin Hood) 

COLONEL BISHOP (Male 35-50 / Baritone-Bass):

A wealthy, deal-seeking businessman who becomes a pirate-hunter.

(Javert meets Ebeneezer Scrooge)

ANDREW BAYNES (Male 18-30 / Tenor or Baritone):

An adventurous, quick-witted ship navigator who joins Peter in his quest.

 (Bilbo Baggins meets Fiyero)


For more information, please email Thank you for your interest! We look 

forward to your audition! 

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