Assassins Takes Provocative Aim

This provocative and entertaining rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s dark musical comedy gives a salute to both the successful and not-so-successful presidential killers. Dark Horse Company Theatre’s Assassins is not only timely with the current political climate and raging gun control debate, but it is also for the most part, right on target. Continue reading

Surely, You Jest

Parable Productions performs its shows at Calvary Chapel located in Murray. Upon entering the performance space, the audience is treated to sound bytes of real answering machine messages, Amy’s Answering Machine, instead of music before the show, as well as during intermission; I found it a rather inventive and delightful alternative as the sound bytes worked well, in my opinion, to set the tone of the show and keep the audience invested during intermission. There is ample seating here, but the stage is very small. All the more reason why I am always impressed with the typical set and lighting design by Annie Fields, and by how well it makes use of the limited space; this time was no exception. Set in 1990 and spanning the course of roughly four weeks, the entirety of the show takes place in the homey, and just-a-titch kitschy, Chicago apartment of one Miss Sarah Goldman (delightfully portrayed by Marissa Poole); an unmarried, 30-year-old Jewish woman who teaches Kindergarten. Continue reading

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