Be Sure To Pay the “Rent” at The Project

Overall this show was fantastic, it is one of the few shows that I want to go see again before it closes. Continue reading

Come Look at the Freaks in “Side Show”

The show is made up of an ensemble cast of talented actors, who go from playing side show freaks to reporters, vaudevillians, New York snobs, and an entire host of various roles. Each gave solid performances, regardless of where they were placed, and that gave the show a true repertory feel, which I guess is the whole point of Utah Rep. Continue reading

This is NOT the moment for Dark Horse Company Theatre’s “Jekyll and Hyde”

If you are in the mood for a dark musical just in time for Halloween this may be a good choice. “Jekyll and Hyde” is a challenging undertaking for many reasons… In order for “Jekyll and Hyde” to be successful two things must be present: very strong directing and detailed choices to compensate for the lacking material, and a strong dimensional actor playing Dr. Jekyll. Unfortunately this production was not up for the challenge and failed on both accounts… Continue reading

Be Sure to Save some Money to Pay for RENT this month at Midvale Main Street Theatre

I had the privilege of attending Saturday night’s production of “RENT” at the Midvale Main Street Theatre. I had never been to this theatre or a production of “RENT” in Utah before, so I was excited for the opportunity. “RENT” is a very popular production nationally, but is rarely performed in Utah, due to the subject matter and controversial issues that it addresses. However, “RENT” in a lot of ways is even more relevant to Utah audiences in light of recent political events and controversies involving LDS views on homosexuality, proposition 8, etc. The name “RENT” is an appropriate title for the piece—not only is it tender for living in a space (which is a central conflict to the plot, but it also means “torn apart”). Continue reading

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