9 to 5: the Musical at the Empress Theatre in Magna

Saturday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit The Empress Theatre in Magna. It was there, that I got to watch … Continue reading

“Dog Sees God” Brings Raw Truth to the Stage

Upon entering the theater, I found myself thinking “How in the world are they going to tie LGBTQ issues into a parody of “The Peanuts?” However, by the end of the production, I was left with the thought “How could they have made this statement any other way?” Continue reading

Silly Shenanigans are “What the Bellhop Saw” at the Murray Theater

It delivered fast paced action with well delivered, equally fast paced dialogue. Doors opened. Doors slammed. Characters chased each other. Identities were confused. Dirty jokes and innuendo abounded. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All the fun stuff you expect from a farce… Continue reading

The Hive Theatre Company’s: A Behanding in Spokane

A Behanding in Spokane is a new play by Martin McDonagh that had it’s world premiere in New York in … Continue reading

Parable Production’s Once Upon A Forest

The combination of fractured fairy tales, music, humor, history, zany characters, and parables created an incredibly sweet children’s show. After seeing the quality of the production, I was surprised more members of the congregation had not come out to see it. I would definitely recommend that any Christian family looking for an inexpensive night out take their children to this production. Continue reading

Wisteria and Sunshine – Enchanted April at the Covey is beautifully done

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, is a “chick book,” no doubt about it. Not only does it revolve … Continue reading

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