The Principle Wife

The Principle Wife

A New Musical

Covey Center for the Arts, Provo UT,  July 7-31

Directed by Tanya Behunin, Assisted by Melinda Lockwood Debirk

Pay Scale Compensation:  See cast of characters below. Actors Equity please inquire for rates.

Open Call Saturday April 14th, 6-8 pm American Heritage School 142 W 200 N Salt Lake (across from Temple Square)

Please be prepared to sing 32 bars of a Golden Age musical song.

Sign up for a time slot here:

Video Submissions: Video Auditions will be accepted through April 7th. You may submit your video, headshot and resume to:

Call Backs:  In person only April 15th

Rehearsals will be 2-3 weeks in June and early July

Performances at the Covey Center July 7-31 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday

For questions or more information please contact Chandra Orme, or 801-616-2995


This new musical offers  a touching story set in the late 1800’s that includes the doubts and struggles of those who were asked to live plural marriage along with its friendships and heartaches that concludes with families being broken up.  It follows a family through their trials and endeavors to blend the needs of their farm, faith and each other.  It looks at the misunderstandings of the “outside” world and the misgivings of those “inside.”  It is not a farce and tries to stay true to the realities of those who lived during this time.



Compensation is approximate, Actors Equity please inquire for rates.

Rehearsals will also be compensated

REBECCA TANNER (F#3-D5) – $200 per performance. Thirtyish. Mannered, gentle and deeply in love with Benjamin.

BENJAMIN TANNER (B3-f#4) – $200 per performance. Mid Thirties. Boyish, optimistic, a man of faith and hard work.

SARAH BRADSHAW (F3-C5) – $200 per performance. Mid Thirty. Intimidating, headstrong widow whose tender heart is locked  behind a tough, no-nonsense exterior. Poor, single mother raising two teenage boys.

ELSA HENDERVROGGE (F4-E5) – $200 per performance.  Early twenties. Scandinavian immigrant, soft, child-like innocence and faith.

ERASTUS LOWE –(F#3-D5) – $200 per performance.  A man devoted to his duties, hardened and weary of the wars and  disappointments of his life. Still searching for peace and happiness. Baritone or Bass

BISHOP MCGUIRE – $150 per performance Scottish immigrant. Devoted to his church, family and community. Bass.

VILATE MCGUIRE – $150 per performance.  Scottish immigrant. Devoted to her husband and her faith, but always finding the humor in life’s difficulties.

ELIZABETH TANNER – $125 per performance. Oldest daughter of Ben and Rebecca. 10 or 11.

JESSICA TANNER – $125 per performance. Middle child of Ben and Rebecca. 7 or 8 years old.

HANNAH TANNER –$100.00 per performance. Youngest of Ben and Rebecca’s daughters. 4 or 5

JACOB BRADSHAW –$125 per performance. Sarah’s oldest, rambunctious boy. 14/15 years old.

JACOB BRADSHAW – $125 per performance. Sarah’s mischievous second son. 12/13 years old.

ZEBEDEE WILCOX* –$125 per performance. 50’s. Small, bitter man in both mind and body, but invested with self-importance  and governmental power.

SHERIFF QUINCY –$125 per performance. 60’s. Non-Mormon in a Mormon town. Content with the peacefulness he finds there  after the struggles of his earlier life.


POLYGAMIST/CONGRESSMAN* –$125 per performance

POLYGAMIST/CONGRESSMAN* –$125 per performance

ENSEMBLE WOMEN –$125 per performance

*The three CONGRESSMEN and ZEBEDEE WILCOX should make up a MEN’S QUARTET.

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