Lucky Stiff

We are looking for a few more men to be in the hilarious musical comedy Lucky Stiff. Rehearsals have started.
Please call or text 424-248-5482 if interested.

Lamplight Theatre Company at the Draper Historic Theatre.
performances January 10-27 MFS

Directed by Royce Redford

Lucky Stiff is about a man who inherits $6 million from his dead uncle on the condition that he take the body on a trip to Monte Carlo. Annabel from a New York dog shelter tries to thwart his activities to get the money, meanwhile Rita and Vinnie are trying to get back the $6 million she stole with the dead uncle.


Vinne – brother of Rita, is after the $6million. Has a few great songs.

Stiff  – The dead uncle who is wheeled around the whole show. He has a small dance number and song.

Man 1 – Plays a variety of characters including a French Emcee, Solicitor, Truck driver, bellhop.


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