Ready Steady Yeti Go!

Performance Dates: February 21-29, 2020
Venue: The Box, 124 South 400 West

A play by David Jacobi. Directed by Tristan B. Johnson. In the aftermath of a hate crime, Junior High pariah Goon befriends one of the victims, Carly, the only black girl in school. While the town plans a rally “to destroy racism forever,” a youthful romance blossoms and the two must navigate the pitfalls of falling in love while dealing with the town’s prying eyes, especially those of Wikipedia Jones, the crime-solving son of the Chief of Police. Passive-aggressive antics, bad parental advice, and ill-informed gestures of kindness create a “White Guilt Perfect Storm” that threatens to make the course of true love a rocky road indeed.


Carly: Trinidad Allred
Goon: Michael Davies
Gandry: Sterling Shane Allen
Katie: Savannah Moffat
Barry: TJ Hunter

The show runs February 21-29 at The Box, 124 South 400 West. There will also be a performance February 9 as part of the Edward Lewis Festival.

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