Pinnacle’s “Lion” Roars Into Life

Pinnacle’s “The Lion in Winter” is a well-oiled machine full of good acting, good comedy, and an endearing zeal. It deserves a large and diverse audience. It is impossible to say what the historical Henry and Eleanor would think of their portrayal, but it’s obvious that “The Lion in Winter” is an enduring classic that can still present fresh material for a group of actors. Continue reading

An Education in Quality Theatre

This past Friday night (February 10, 2012) reminded me why I love live theatre. It reminded me of the importance of great writing and experienced acting. Pinnacle Acting Company’s current production of Educating Rita by English playwright Willy Russell has both of those important qualities in spades. It is a play that I will no doubt still be thinking about for a long time to come. Continue reading

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys is a look at the end of a career for a performer and what it means to him and his family. Willie (Ron Frederickson) has lived in denial about the end of his career ever since his partner, Al (Andrew Maizner), walked off their act decades before the play starts. Willie is bitter toward Al and his decision, but CBS wants to include them in a “History of Comedy” retrospective and reunite them for a single sketch. Willie refuses, but his nephew (and agent), Ben (Jeremy W. Chase), persuades him to go along with it. Al arrives and the results are hilarious as two stubborn old actors try to work together despite decades of bitterness. Continue reading

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