Backstage Review: Bonnie & Clyde at Lehi Arts Center

The story of fugitives Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is one that almost everyone is at least somewhat familiar. The … Continue reading

Springville Playhouse’s You Can’t Take it With You…passable but not impressive

I say that this performance was “passable but not impressive.” And let me explain. The lines were all memorized, no obvious missed lines or mishaps, and the actors were well rehearsed. The set, constructed by Mark Taggart, was excellent; it was very well designed with lots of levels, props and color. The props added some nice comedic moments such as having a skull shaped candy jar and a Hawaiian Tiki as the pencil container. The stage space was well utilized by the actors and the director, Robin Booth, did a nice job with blocking and creating pictures and variety. The technical aspects went fairly smoothly—the microphones were generally working, and light cues and sound cues were all on. And the costumes, wigs, hairstyles, makeup were carefully done with historical accuracy which enhanced the production. So it passed. But for me, this is only the beginning. Continue reading

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