The Lord of Misrule

Performance Dates: December 6, 7, 13, and 14
Venue: WTC Black Box

For Immediate Release
The Lord of Misrule
A play to raise funds for Utah’s Homeless

The Lord of Misrule is an irreverent play being produced at Wasatch Theatre Company. The play itself is a fundraiser for the road home. It is directed by RJ Walker and starring Tobi Cantona, Patrick Smith, Comet Higley Dylan Sharp, and Alton Phonepraseuth.

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The Lord of Misrule is an ancient Christmas tradition dating back to Christmas’ origins as Saturnalia. A beggar is crowned the Lord of Misrule to preside over drunken mobs and christmas parties. The Lord of Misrule would often make demands of local gentry (usually more food or booze) and if the gentry failed to meet the demands; the Lord of Misrule would incite a riot against the gentry, destroying property and threatening violence. Basically, forced christmas charity.

At Wasatch Theatre Co, we taken this ancient Christmas practice and devised a new kind of play:

Televangelist Lucas Karol, Heals the “sick,” performs “exorcisms,” but most importantly, collects donations from his followers for these miracles on his daytime TV show, Scriptures Unscripted. Then, during Pastor Karol Presents: A Christmas Carol, a rowdy mob hijacks the show and the Pastor, his wife, and his special guests are forced to obey the orders of the Lord of Misrule who is leading the mob while performing their christmas pageant.

The Audience can interact in the play in various ways by making donations to The Road Home. Audience members will receive decks of cards that inform how they can change what the actors are doing on stage. As more and more of these challenges are piled onto the televangelists, more of their real personalities rise to the surface.

Wasatch Theatre Co is located at: 124 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The Show will be running December 6th, 7th,13th, and 14th
Doors will open at 7:00pm. Audience members are encouraged to bring cash for donations, but cards and venmo are also accepted for Road Home donations.

In-Kind donations will be accepted here. If you’d like to make an In-Kind donation, the following things are needed-

Urgent Needs
Pillows (new)
Coats & Jackets (all sizes)
Jeans & Warm clothing (all sizes)
Boots & Shoes (all sizes)
Socks (all sizes)
Underwear (new, all sizes)
Blankets (twin, full, & queen)
Diapers (sizes 5-6, and pull-ups)
Baby Bottles & Formula

Tickets are $5. Ticket sales  and concessions help keep the lights on at the theatre. All donations collected during the play and merchandise sales from the play go to The Road Home. You can also give directly to The Road Home through their website.

For more information about the play, to take photos, schedule interviews, or provide press coverage please contact

RJ Walker

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