2 Responses to New World’s Shakespeare Company’s debut performance: Romeo and Juliet-the classic story with a modern twist

  1. Tony says:

    Aida is NOT based on Romeo& Juliet. It was based on a theatrical scenario of a French egyptologist. Nothing to do with R&J.

  2. Johnny says:

    If you read Linda Woolverton’s commentary on the writing of the book of the musical “Aida”(she wrote the book of the musical with Elton John and Tim Rice), she speaks quite a bit about the Romeo and Juliet theme of the musical and its influence in her writing of the book of this musical. I believe you are referring to the opera version of this, which was another source in the creation of the musical. This is why I referenced “Aida” as an example. But the larger point is the Romeo and Juliet THEME occurring as the basis of many musicals. Not to be taken literally. But please read Linda Woolverton and Elton John’s commentary on the making of “Aida” and then tell me if you think “Aida” has “nothing to do with R & J”.

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