Youth Auditions for Eccles Theater Concert with David Archuleta & Alfie Boe

Male & Female Youth; Ages 10-14 years

Looking for strong young actors to portray first-hand-accounts of Ukrainian youth and their refugee experiences. This is an amazing opportunity to pay tribute to the brave young men and women of Ukraine.

You will be part of a benefit concert to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day at Eccles Theater in SLC. The concert will feature amazing performers, including David Archuleta, Alfie Boe, and One Voice Children’s Choir.

Creative Director & Producer: Carissa Klitgaard


August 23rd from 6-7pm @ Eccles Theater for rehearsal; & August 24th from 12-8:30pm @ Eccles Theater.

In-person Auditions: @ Centerpoint Legacy Theater, Main Rehearsal Hall by appointment only. Please contact for a time slot and for the sides. Provided sides must be performed for the audition.

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