Yellow by Brittany Bullen

Still seeking MALE ACTORS in Heber Utah – ideally around age 27-37.  This show has two male leads and two female leads (and that is the entire cast).  It is a contemporary drama set between 1969 and 2001.  Harriet Curtis has just died from cancer.  She leaves behind her husband Curtis and her only daughter Greta who is married to Mark.  Over the years she has kept many things from her daughter, up to and including her cancer.  The play is centered around Greta reading a journal her mother left behind and learning more about her family’s past, and even her own husband.

The journal begins “Of all the things I love in this world, kissing might just be my favorite.  In fact, when I look back on my life, I remember the kisses the most. Not all of them, but the big ones.  The important kisses.  And then, of course, the times when for all practical purposes I should have been kissed, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen.  So I suppose that’s as good a way as any to organize my story….”

Through the play we get to see Harriet and Curtis at different ages – from the moment they went from childhood friends to admitting their love to each other, to Curtis leaving for Vietnam, returning from Vietnam, grappling with Curtis’s mental health, struggles with infertility… the play brings us to many of their most intimate moments.  And the writing is a real treat for the actors and for the audience.

We have had two rounds of auditions without sufficient male actors showing up to cast the play.  And so our last call for men is THIS MONDAY Nov 11 from 6-8 p.m. at Timpanogos Valley Theatre 90 N 100 W Heber UT.  And rehearsals (if cast) will start THIS Tuesday Nov 12th from 6-8 p.m.  The show will be directed by Emily Lawrence with Jessica Wall as assistant director.  You don’t need to prepare anything (except a list of conflicts) but will be asked to read – and you are welcome to read the sample scenes / character descriptions on our website.

Our theatre mostly sticks to big musicals and crowd-pleasing comedies… so this is kind of a departure for us and we want it to be a great success!  For all the seriousness of the subject matter it doesn’t have a lot of “adult” content, and has been performed as a student-directed play at BYU.

If you are serious about acting, about scene work, about being able to carry a play this is possibly the chance of a lifetime.

The play will rehearse Tuesday & Thursday evenings throughout the remainder of November and December (with breaks on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve).  And will have more rehearsals in January – especially late January and early February.  We perform Feb 7, 8, 14 & 15 (incl a Feb 15 matinee).  And will be selling this play as a great Valentine’s date.

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