Utah Hauntings (scary storytelling contest) Auditions

Deadline: Before October 19th

To apply to become a teller at the Hauntings contest, you’ll need to record yourself telling a scary story and upload it to a service such as Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, so that you can share a link with us. The story must be less than ten minutes in length. While suspense is encouraged, please keep your stories tasteful and avoid gratuitous gore and violence.

Want to know how to win? See what the judges are looking for, and check out videos of previous winners and finalists.

If the judges choose your submission, you will be invited to compete as a finalist at the Hauntings contest. Your registration fee will help pay for the prizes and costs of the event. It will also entitle you to one ticket at the event, whether or not you’re invited to compete as a finalist. After you complete the form below, your name will be automatically added to a list, and you’ll be able to claim your ticket at the front desk of the theater on the night of the event.

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