Utah County Community’s 4th Annual “Thanksgiving in Song” Program

All within Utah Valley are invited to Gather with us for our 4th annual


Program (on the FIRST Sunday in November):

Nov. 5, 2023 at 7pm

in the chapel on

400 N. 400 E. Springville

~Sunday Dress Encouraged~

Utah Valley’s Community of Singers & Musicians (you may invite any you know who sing/perform classical, legit songs) are invited to gather with us on these few Sunday evenings in the same chapel (above) as the performance to practice as a “choir” ~starting on the last Sunday in September and each Sunday in October from 7:00-8:30pm., with an afternoon tech practice on the day before the performance (Saturday, Nov. 4th from 1-4pm).

AUDITIONS for solo &/or ensemble pieces (any instrument or singing of a chapel/family-friendly 2-4ish min. song) to be performed in between choir songs on the Program are from 6:30-7pm

On your choice of two Sundays~ October 1st and/or 8th ~

in the same chapel (above) just before choir practice~
Just Show Up, Audition and, if you can match pitch, control vibrato,
blend your voice with other singers, read/sing in English & be fun to be with,
then please, Stay & Sing w/us).

For more information, contact 


or Tom & Louise at (801)489-8484 (no texts; home phone)

This is a group that ENCOURAGES you to continue sharing with many of the other good venues wherein you may sing/share your family-friendly talents~ as we invite a supplement for you~ for just a few weekends a year/any given year, from the last weekend in Sept. to the first in November, please consider gathering with us (choir sings same general songs each year, so if you need a year off, you can return in future with familiarity of songs). This is a group where no one has to pay to sing or present their songs, all faiths are invited and our programs are created with songs FOR our community family FROM our community family to lift, bless, encourage and renew each other~ including you & your friends and family & all who show up to share &/or gather with us as well).

~Come sing with us~

~&/or invite your friends/family to come w/you to enjoy the program~

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