Underground Mages (Film) – This is for a Proof of Concept

This audition is for Cooper Home Entertainment a new and upcoming Entertainment company based here in Utah. (our shows are free from graphic language and content) The film site will be somewhere between Salt Lake and Provo. This is an unpaid opportunity due to the fact that it is a proof of concept being pitched to various services for the funding. We are always happy to share footage for reels.

Auditions due by Friday, July 8th to cooperhomeentertainment@gmail.com

Filming to take place between the end of July and September.

For the side (listed below) please have someone read off screen for the other part. They don’t need to worry about their acting and it doesn’t need to be read by someone gender specific. Anyone is great. You are welcome to send us an unlisted youtube link, or any type of recording you are comfortable with. We are working fast to cast things. Also, if you could send us conflicts for July-September (or best days and times to film) that would be helpful. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing cooperhomeentertainment@gmail.com   Thank you.

Theme  When both sides are wrong, who do you side with? When neither side has the full truth, who do you side with?

Tristan (Animator): *Male  *able to play a teenager.   Tristan is a brilliant mage with rebellious tendencies. A child prodigy who knows almost all there is to know about the magical world. His competence quickly turned to arrogance as Tristan decided he knew much more than the High Coven. Believing the High Coven laws are beneath him, Tristan has aligned with the Unspoken in order to uncover one of the few things left unknown to him: the High Coven’s secrets within their Vault.

SIDE to submit

Three teenagers enter, two with their arms draped over each other’s shoulders singing. ELI (16, casual, confident) LAUGHS as TRISTAN (17, uptight, bookish) raises his arm BELTING the final lines of their song.

They break apart, LAUGHING together. Behind them, LILY (16, fiery, independent) throws them a dry smile, rolling her eyes.

Do I look worried?

No, you look like you have a stick shoved somewhere unpleasant. As usual.

Lily punches Tristan in the arm. Hard.



Meanwhile, Eli looks out over the ruins.

I still don’t think this is a great idea.

Relax, mate. This is the last place the High Coven would expect us to make an Arena. All we need to do is wait for the Informant.

And you’re sure the High Coven can’t track us? Even here?

Never thought a Wanderer would be so apprehensive.

What? Just cause I’m supposed to be some prophesied deliverer? I’m still just a kid.

Yeah, well, prophesy says you’re supposed to be a master at manipulating time and reality. Can’t you just scan the future or something?

That’s the idea, but it’s not like there are any Wanderer’s left who can teach me.

Touché. They’re hardly any mages left after the High Coven outlawed magic.

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