Two Mile Hollow

Audition Overview

Please prepare a contemporary comedic monologue from an classic American play, similar in style ofAh, Wilderness!Love! Valour! Compassion! or Fifth of July, etc.

Perusal scripts available upon request. Email info@goodcotheatre for more info.

A note from playwright Leah Nanko Winkler:

This play is a riff on the “white people by the water” genre, which is a popular genre in theater where affluent white people tackle their problems and uncover family secrets in a big house by the water while drinking white wine. This means that The Donnelly’s are a Caucasian family. However- they are played by actors of color- particularly AAPI actors, who as of 2018 comprised only 4% of casting decisions on and Off-Broadway in NYC. Keep in mind AAPI can also mean mixed Asian Americans and hapas. Other non-white ethnicities can be in consideration for casting- as long as they are POC. Keep in mind that this work, in addition to being a satire- is a direct response to the highly produced and overblown(white) perspective that exists in theater. It’s also a response to under-representation, white-washing and other ridiculous things that tend to happen like yellowface in The Mikado (or in the mainstream- movies like Aloha, Ghost In A Shell, Doctor Strange and countless others). All of that is to say- absolutely no white actors should inhabit any of these roles!


A parody coupled with moments of disorienting sincerity, Two Mile Hollow explores the dysfunctional family with brutality, awe and compassion. When the Donnellys gather for a weekend in the country to hash out belongings from their recently sold estate, an emotional storm breaks inside while a literal storm brews outside. As this family of famous, longing-to-be-famous, and kind-of-a-mess-but-totally-Caucasian characters come together with their personal assistant, Charlotte, some really really complicated and totally unique secrets are revealed (over white wine).


Leah Nanako Winkler


Emilio Casillas (Director) is a theatre maker from sunny San Diego. He received his BFA in Technical Theatre from Westminster College, where he now works as the Performing Arts Production Assistant. Emilio is also the Operations Manager for NOVA Chamber Music Series. After serving as Festival Director of the Great Salt Lake Fringe in 2016, Emilio directed two world premieres at the festival in 2017 – Punxsutawney and 1222 Randall Ave. Other recent directing credits include Prometheus Bound with the SLC Classical Greek Theatre Festival, The Christians with Good Co. Theatre and Perdida at the Grand Theatre. As assistant director, Emilio has worked with Pinnacle Acting Company, the Grand Theatre, and four productions with Utah Opera.

Playing Dates

Apr 30, 2020 – May 17, 2020

Audition: Jan 12, 2020
Callback: Jan 19, 2020
First Rehearsal: Mar 22, 2020
Payment Type: Paid
Union Type: Non-Union

Audition Roles

  • Role Title: Mary
    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 32 – 29
    Description: Blythe’s a plainly lovely daughter . Actor must be POC
  • Role Title: Blythe Donnelly
    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 43 – 55
    Description: Matriarch and widow to the long deceased Derek Donnelly, a great and famous actor and stepsister Joshua. Actor must be POC
  • Role Title: Joshua Donnelly
    Gender: Male
    Age Range: 43 – 50
    Description: a manic-depressive. Actor must be POC
  • Role Title: Christopher Donnelly
    Gender: Male
    Age Range: 36 – 42
    Description: a rugged and handsome movie star. Actor must be POC
  • Role Title: Charlotte
    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 27 – 32
    Description: Joshua’s personal assistant. Beautiful. Charming. Scrappy but can hide it. She is enchanted by the glamorous world around her but is extremely smart. Actor must be Asian-American
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