This little play has all the romance, love and drama you would expect in a Christmas tale… and finally a love interest with a cute twist!
Most of all…it’s about faith, family and Christmas! A good time for miracles…take me at my word; you need this play for next year 2020!

Characters: Seven Main
Five + Extra’s
Length: Full length, approx. 3 hrs.
Genre: Family, Drama, Christmas
Audience: All and everybody combined!
Music: Preludes and scene stealers are all pre-approved for use and maybe, just maybe there will be a scene or two for live music, which would be fantastic!

Needing experienced and talented people for: Artistic Director, Director, Props, Set Design, Costume Design, Choreographer, Co-Producer…and actors of all ages!

I require an NDA signed to read the plays along with kistening to the music choices, That’s all…if you are interested in that, the Director will arrrange the audition.

Thanks,,,hope to hear from you.

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