“Shrek The Musical”

Murray City Cultural Arts Presents

“Shrek The Musical” Directed by Brighton Sloan with special arrangement with MTI.
Choreography by Heather Sessions.

Performance Dates: July 9-10, 12, 15-17
Murray City Amphitheater

Auditions: Virtual Submissions due by April 19th.

  • Virtual Submissions required by all auditioners
    • Those auditioning for dance roles do not need to submit vocal selection
  • Send all materials to murraychrek2021@gmail.com
    • 1 minute video of a contemporary musical theatre song
    • Headshot/Resume or a document listing previous dance/sing/acting experience
    • Completed audition form, including any potential conflicts
      • Audition form will be made available by April 1st.
  • Wanted: children 5-10 for Young Shrek/Fiona, singers and dancers
    • 15+ for all other roles

Dance Call: April 20th by Appointment only

  • Required for all auditioners 16+ (unless otherwise excused by production team)
  • Wear comfortable clothing, mask and prepared to move
  • Groups limited to 10 people at a time
  • Will be scheduled upon receipt of audition materials
  • Held at Murray High School

Callbacks: April 21 by Appointment only

Rehearsals: Begin May 3rd

  • Mon – Thursday 6:30 – 9:30 PM and Saturdays 9 AM – 1 PM


Questions? murrayshrek2021@gmail.com


Character Breakdown:

The production team is committed to diversity in casting. Age and gender are flexible, and all ethnicities will be considered for all characters based on talent. This production is not intended to be a copy of the film, and the directing team is interested in actors that can bring a unique spin to beloved characters. Starred roles will be single cast with an understudy, while Young Shrek and Young Fiona will be double-cast.

  • *SHREK: Male, 30-50, High Baritone/Tenor.
    • Brash, cynical and crude – his tough exterior masks deep loneliness and the heart of a romantic. Must be an expressive actor with strong comedic timing.
  • *PRINCESS FIONA: Female, 25-35, Soprano/High Belter.
    • Quirky, blunt, and multitalented, she talks fast enough to keep the silence from catching up.
  • *DONKEY: Male or female, 20-40, Tenor or Alto with High Belt.
    • Talks without thinking, acts without planning and leaps before looking. A child at heart in search of a family.
  • *LORD FARQUAAD: Male, 30-50, High Baritone
    • A self-absorbed hypocrite trying to remake the world according to his definition of perfect. Deliciously smarmy, a man you love to hate. Actor must be able to play this role on his knees for the whole show.
  • *DRAGON: Male or Female, 30-40, Alto or High Tenor with Big Belt.
    • Imposing and flirtatious, but tired of her job as the glorified baby-sitter

Featured Characters/Ensemble

The following are featured roles that will double as other characters/ensemble

  • GINGY: Male or Female, any age, any vocal part
    • An excellent role for a comic actor, will be portrayed by a puppet
  • PINOCCHIO: Male or Female, 15-40, Tenor with falsetto or Soprano/Alto
    • The leader of the fairytale creatures. Although portrayed by a live actor, Pinocchio is an animated puppet whose nose grows every time he lies. Plenty of sass with a penchant for lying, he leads the troupe of Fairytale creatures in the musical numbers “Story of My Life” and “Freak Flag”.
  • PAPA OGRE: Male, Adult – High Baritone
    • Shrek’s father. Sings a beautiful duet with Mam Ogre to young Shrek in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World.” May double.
  • MAMA OGRE: Female, Adult – Alto
    • Shrek’s Mother. Sings a beautiful duet with Papa Ogre to young Shrek in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World”. May double.
  • KING HAROLD: Male, Adult – Baritone
    • Fiona’s father and King of Far-Far-Away. Sings a beautiful duet with Queen Lillian to young Fiona in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World”. May double.
  • QUEEN LILLIAN: Female, Adult – Alto or Soprano
    • Fiona’s mother and Queen of Far-Far-Away. Sings a beautiful duet with King Harold to young Fiona in the opening number “Big, Bright, Beautiful World”. May double.
  • YOUNG FIONA” Female, Age 8-12, Soprano with Strong Belt.
    • Princess Fiona as a little girl. Sings a solo in “I Know It’s Today” with Teen Fiona and Fiona. This role will be doublecast.
  • TEEN FIONA/FAIRY GODMOTHER: Female, Teen, Soprano with Strong Belt.
    • Princess Fiona as a teenager. Sings a solo in “I Know It’s Today” with Young Fiona and Fiona.
  • YOUNG SHREK/GRUMPY THE DWARF: Male, Age 8-12, Any vocal part.
    • Plays young Shrek in “Big, Bright, Beautiful World” and then returns in Act 2 to play Lord Farquaad’s father, Grumpy the Dwarf (with several speaking lines). Also plays Grumpy the Dwarf in “Freak Flag”. This role will be doublecast.

FEATURED FAIRYTALE CREATURES: All featured roles, whether with lines, solos, dances or action.

  • Wicked Witch, Humpty Dumpty, Big Bad Wolf, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Ugly Duckling, Peter Pan, Shoemaker’s Elf, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter.

3 LITTLE PIGS: Males, Teens or Adults. Tenors or Baritones with ability to sing tight harmony and German Accent.

  • Fairytale creatures with solo-trio work in “Story of My Life”, “Freak Flag” and “This is Our Story”


Questions: murrayshrek2021@gmail.com 

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