PILOT EPISODE Promised: Deliverance

When: Zoom/in person auditions scheduled on a person-to-person basis!

What it is: I am assembling a team to film and produce a pilot episode for a TV show based on a book I wrote about the Book of Mormon. (Think: The Chosen but for Book of Mormon) This is obviously a low-budget project so filming will take place in Utah. If the show is picked up by a production company, we would like to secure the same roles in the official show for actors who have helped us with the pilot.

About the show: Take a check at our website www.promisedtvseries.com for a full idea. A few key points:

  • this story takes place in late 500’s BC in Jerusalem
  • The whole first season explores the “bible” story of the beginning of the Book of Mormon. This includes mention of Daniel, a big role for Jeremiah, and historical narratives about Babylon, Egypt, and the kings of Judah at the time.
  • I would call this a “historical drama”, based in fact – kind of like The Work and the Glory or Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites (without the time travel 😉
  • Take a look on the site for a full synopsis of the pilot.
  • The main purpose of the show is to inspire faith and courage in hard times. I also want to bring scripture characters to life and put the viewer into the shoes of characters they’ve read about but haven’t fully considered.

What you need: Send me a headshot and a resume if you have one!

If you are interested in auditioning, I will send you a portion of the script to read over.

Characters: https://www.promisedtvseries.com/casting (This page has character images I selected back when I was writing the book, just for an idea of what I was picturing. Obviously, the characters are open to interpretation so don’t hesitate to audition regardless!)

For the pilot, we will need the following characters: 

Lehi & Sariah (40’s-50’s)

Their children: Layla, Elisav, Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi, Anna (20’s-30’s)

Ishmael & Salome (50-60+)

Ishmael’s sons: Barak, Ezra, Isaac (30’s)

Ishmael’s daughters: Edyin, Tamar, Eliana, Talia, Shira (20’s)

Laban & Zoram (for 1 scene)

Amos (blacksmith 50-60)

Jeremiah (40-60)

Extras including men in Lehi’s caravan & a crowd of people listening to Jeremiah preach.

Contact: Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. If you don’t fit any of the characters but you would still like to help, let me know! We have lots to do! 

Ashley Troncoso 

801-362-3277 (text or call) 



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