Ordinary Days

Music & Lyrics by Adam Gwon

Directed by Andrew Jefferies

To be performed at the Covey Center



Claire – Female, 20s-30s. Smart, impassioned; wants to keep life simple and happy; afraid of being vulnerable; she’s dealing with a traumatic past while trying to move forward. Mezzo, G3-E5. Callback song will be “Gotta Get Out”.

Jason – Male, 20s-30s. Solid and steady, but can be goofy and playful; ready for commitment; afraid of being alone; Claire is the only thing keeping him from leaving New York City. Baritenor, A2-G#4. Callback song will be “Hundred Story City”.

Deb – Female, 20s. Cynical grad student; neurotic, high energy with a wry sense of humor; afraid of leaving no impact on the world; looking for success, but without the passion. Mezzo, F#3-E5. Callback song will be “Don’t Wanna Be Here”.

Warren – Male, 20s. Innocent, eager, optimistic, aspiring artist and art lover; openly gay; in search of meaning through his work; afraid that no one will let him in enough to make a difference. Tenor, Bb2-A4. Callback song will be “Life Story (Reprise)”.

People of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.



Submit your audition at this link: https://forms.gle/mY9XSMwin6Pf5Mw29

Audition submissions are due by the end of the day on January 15th. Callback information will be sent out by January 18th. If you are called back, you will be asked to record yourself performing part of a song from the show and submit it by January 22nd.


Miscellaneous Details:

We’ll have 3 weeks of evening rehearsals (March 8-25), culminating in 2 performances at the Covey Center (March 26-27).

Due to the limited time, actors will be expected to learn the majority of their music before rehearsals begin. Sheet music, example tracks, and accompaniment tracks will be provided at least a month before rehearsals begin.

We will follow all COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If there’s ever a concern about this, please voice it so that we can address it immediately.

Each actor will be paid $50 for this production. I would pay more, but I’m producing this show out of my own pocket.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I would love to audition for Claire!!

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