Evermore Park 2020 Year

Evermore Park: 2020 Cast Application Form *Age 21+

Evermore Park 2020 Season Schedule: Mythos in spring, Pyrra in summer, Lore in fall and Aurora in winter. Evermore Park is a land of high fantasy brought to life. Characters and story change depending on the season. Since Evermore is an ever changing and moving theatrical experience, we not only are looking for good actors but also people with good customer service. At Evermore, we interact with guests face to face for the duration of our performances.

We are specifically looking to cast diverse ethnic backgrounds and a wide age range. However, all are welcome to apply. You must be 21 and older to be considered for a part within Evermore Park.

Please follow this link for Audition submission and information: https://forms.gle/voHuKPGK9NPSHvVA9
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