Casting Call for Season 2 of “Enter the Hex”

About the Show

The show will originate from the stage of The Hive Collaborative in Provo, Utah in front of a live studio audience.  Season 2 will run for five Friday and Saturday evenings over six weeks, beginning July 12 and ending Aug 17, 2019 (note: no performances scheduled for Aug. 9 & 10). Some roles require a commitment to each of the evening performances. Others require only a commitment to four of the evenings. Compensation will consist of a modest travel stipend.

Roles & Schedule

Team Guardians

There will be four teams, each consisting of one Guardian (team captain) and four Champions (team players).


Each team will consist of four Champions (or players), each of whom will be featured for at least one Friday/Saturday set of performances. Champions need not be experienced in tabletop role-playing games, but should be willing to gamely dive right into their assigned character and determine the extent they want to follow the advice of their team Guardians. In addition, one Champion for each team will be chosen to return to play on the final Friday/Saturday of the show. As such, Champions must be available for one of the following pairs of dates: July 12-13, July 19-20, July 26-27 & Aug. 2 & 3, and all Champions must be available to return if called upon for the final two nights: Aug. 16 & 17.

Other Roles

All roles are available, including team Guardians and Champions. In addition, the role of the Barkeep is available (note: this role will not be based on Season 1’s barkeep Dermot, but will be a new character to be determine later through the audition process). In addition, we are introducing two new roles, commentators that will participate in a pre-show performance. Commentators should be well-verse in tabletop RPG strategies and game-play.

In addition to the performance nights, team Guardians and Champions will be required to attend game-play instruction rehearsals during several evenings prior to the game nights as well as a dress and tech rehearsal on the Thursday prior to the performance dates. Dates and times to be determined.

Audition Dates

Auditions for all roles will be held Friday, June 14 from 7-9 pm and Saturday, June 15 from 10 am to noon. Other audition time slots and dates may be scheduled as needed.

Returning Auditioners/Season 1 Cast Members

We’d love to see you again. If you absolutely can’t make the audition dates, please still complete the form below and let us know you’re interested in Season 2.

What to Prepare

For Enter the Hex Season 2, we are continuing to develop our spin on tabletop role-playing games. Working within a fairly streamlined format of the show means that we will be seeking to keep our players’ attributes somewhat simplified. Players selected to participate in Season 2 will be asked to adopt a character created specifically for the show with designated attributes that may be different from other tabletop RPGs. For your audition, we are more interested in how well you can adopt an assigned character, which may not be the specific character you bring for your audition. As such, we would ask that you come with two contrasting characters, from two different clans (see below), to demonstrate your range. For your audition, we’d ask you to introduce yourself briefly, including your name and experience in tabletop RPGs, then to introduce your first character by sharing your character’s name and telling us in character a little bit about your character. We may also ask you to do the same for your second character. We may also verbally present a situation to you and ask you to respond to it as your character would.

It would also be helpful to watch at least parts of a few episodes of Season 1 (click here).

Team Descriptions

Four teams will compete for the Hex Cup.


  • Shadows, mystery, secrets, revenge, deception.
  • Likely members would be rogues, assassins, nobles with business in information, bards, monks, warlocks.


  • Members of Talam are the gentle wind and the savage storm.
  • They live in harmony with nature. Nature’s dominion is theirs to steward and protect.
  • Likely members would be druids, rangers, those who know the land, warlocks with fae pacts, clerics of woodland gods, barbarians.


  • A warrior tribe as old as civilization. The name has become synonymous with merciless destruction.
  • Fiercely loyal to their clan, easily angered, supremely deadly.
  • Likely members would be fighters, barbarians, merchants of war tools, blacksmiths, war clerics, warlocks of fiendish pacts, war drum bards, sorcerers, monks.


  •  An order formed to honor a young peasant girl named Aria who united a divided nation and sacrificed her life in an effort bring about lasting peace.
  • Members of the Order of Aria value truth and light, above all.
  • Likely members would be paladins, clerics, monks, sorcerers, fighters.


Auditions will be held at The Hive Collaborative, Utah’s new theater. We’re located at 591 S. 300 West, Provo, UT 84601.

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