6th Annual Family-Friendly Character Event for Utah Valley Community-Family

6th Annual FREE Performing Arts

Character Event

for/with Utah Valley Community Family*

(the last Wednesday in June this year)

Wed., June 28, 2023

Session 1= Noon until 1 or 2pm

Session 2= 6 until 8:30ishpm

Place TBD

(You’ll learn address by first weekend in June ~ if not Mid-May~with your specific presenting time)

YOU (and your family and friends)

are invited

to enjoy the presentations of others

&/or, for ages 4-108,

to prepare to present a character (any known character**, including yourself &/or an original via any combination of acting, instrument, singing, dance and/or narrative in between, etc. that stays withinan 8-12 minute presentation for HS-Adult Group and within a 2-5 minute time for Preschool-Jr. High Group)

SEND info for these 6 things:

to utahvalleychoir@gmail.com by May 1, 2023

Name, Phone(s), Email(s)

Desired Time to Present (Noon or 6pm)

What Age Group (HS-108yr OR

Preschool-Jr. HS)


What Character you’ll present

(& from where they originate if not an original/your own creation)

*As this is a Friends and Family Event, we define this community family as those professionals in our valley who work other jobs to provide for their family and those who, being provided for by other professionals, voluntarily share their time/talents in performing, presenting and backstage efforts to create a family-friendly event (including advertising, tech & prep work). At this event, no one has to pay to gather together for this purpose of sharing their creativity & love for the characters they present & enjoying other’s talents and creativity via their shared characters.

~We are are a community family who welcomes you and your family.~

**This can be an original script you create about someone you know and/or yourself or a character from a book, movie, dance, opera, musical, etc. with sketches of their script tied together with your own creative narrative for purpose of sharing a character you love in a family-friendly way (clean, modest language, costumes and actions……ie: you can love a character who speaks with bad language without having to share their bad language…. via replacing the bad language with just as emotional nonsense/non-offending words or “beep”/make a loud clap~ or other noise~ over the bad word without mouthing it~ depending on your desire for comic effect or drama with presenting that character and you can dress like a character you love without dressing immodestly~)

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