Audition Posting: A Primer

The posting form has 8 parts. Each plays an important part in getting actors out to your audition.

Show Title

This is the first thing an actor will read. Make sure they know you’re holding an audition, by including the word “audition” in your post. Seriously, you won’t believe how many people will omit this. If you’re stuck for a good title, I recommend simply: “Auditions for [SHOW TITLE]”.

Audition Details

Please use this checklist to ensure you include all of the important information in your audition:

  • WHEN are auditions?
  • WHERE are auditions? – make sure you include the address. We don’t all know where your audition location is.
  • WHAT will the auditioner need to bring with them or prepare? –  i.e., resume, headshot, a monologue, song, prepared scene, etc.
  • The name of the director – we actually care about this. And if it’s a musical, the name of the music director and choreographer helps, too.
  • The name of the production company
  • The type of production (musical, comedy, drama, etc.)
  • What roles are being cast, and what, generally, you’re looking for in those roles (also, please announce any roles that are pre-cast. You don’t need to announce who will be taking the roles, just which roles are already filled).
  • Where actors can pick up sides (if you have them available).
  • When Callbacks will be held (if applicable).
  • When and where the show will be performed and when and where rehearsals will be held (this is most often forgotten, and the most often asked question).
  • If this will be a paid role, or if paid roles, and/or equity contracts are available.
  • Also, please mention if there is any type of “participation” fee you’ll be charging.

Add Media

This is the only part that isn’t required. A picture is worth 1000 words. This can be your show poster, a show title, an audition card, or your company logo. Images are scalable and can be adjusted to wrap your text. This can be an image or video link. The image can be a jpg, gif or png, up to 2MB in size. The video MUST be linked to YouTube.

DO NOT upload a PDF file. It will only display as a link.

Date and Location

This is used on the home page  and Audtion page. It’s also used on the auto-generated Facebook and Twitter posts. This should be ONLY the date and location of your audition.

Your Name, Company Website, and Your Email

This is just for me, so I can verify who you are. I will not share your email address with anyone, but I MAY use it to contact you if there’s an issue with your posting. If you put in bogus information, I WILL delete your post. This information is NOT displayed on the audition posting.

Human Check

I know, it’s math, but it helps to keep the bots from spamming me.

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