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Lamplight Theatre Company will be taking on a modern twist to the age-old classic, Charley’s Aunt this March. Auditions are being held January 8th and 9th at Draper Historic Theatre (12366 South 900 East, Draper) from 6:30-9 PM. Callbacks will be held by invitation only on January 10th from 6:30pm-9pm. First cast meeting will be held on January 11th. Rehearsals will be held Tues-Thurs evenings and Saturday mornings. Performances are March 8th-25th.

Please prepare a 60-second comedic monologue of your choice. Auditions are by appointment only, no video auditions will be accepted. All parts available.

Auditions open to those 18 years or older.

Ages listed are not necessarily the age of the actor portraying the character.

Please also come prepared to list your conflicts from January 11th, 2018 through March 25th, 2019. Conflicts after Feb 19th will not be allowed without director approval.

Please direct any questions to our Facebook page Lamplight Theatre Co via Messenger.

Sign up for an audition time here:

Jack Chesney and Charley Wykeham, undergraduates at Oxford, are in love with two beauties soon to be leaving for Scotland. And when Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez, Charley’s aunt, whom he has never met, comes to visit, Jack and Charley seize the opportunity to spend time with their girls under the pretense of a lunch for Amy and Kitty to meet Charley’s Aunt. But then Charley receives a telegram saying that Donna Lucia will not be arriving for a few days, the boys panic: the girls are coming, and they won’t stay without a chaperone.

Fortunately, their good friend and neighbor Babbs happens to be performing in an amateur play, in which he plays the role of an old lady….and he happens to have the costume at home! With Babb’s dressed as “Charley’s Aunt,” what could go wrong? Mix up, mayhem, and wooing ensue!

• Jack Chesney: Oxford undergraduate, in love with Kitty. Age 20-30)
• Charles (“Charley”) Wykeham – Oxford undergraduate, in love with Amy. (Age 20-30)
• Lord Fancourt Babberley (“Babbs”) – Undergraduate pulled unwillingly into Jack and Charley’s scheme. Must be a good mix between masculine and feminine (Age 20-30)
• Amy Spettigue – Stephen Spettigue’s young niece. A little more emotional (Age 20-30)
• Kitty Verdun – Stephen Spettigue’s young ward A little more headstrong. (Age 20-30)
• Stephen Spettigue: Uncle of Amy, guardian of Kitty. Strict, angry gentlemen who becomes romantically obsessed and the story’s villain (Age 45-60+)
• Colonel Sir Francis Chesney: Father of Jack Chesney. Kind, caring man, down to earth. (Age 45-60+)
• Brassett – Jack Chesney’s valet/Manservant or Maid Male or Female (Age 45-60+)
• Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez – Charley’s aunt from Brazil (Age 35-60+)
• Ela Delahay – orphaned young woman accompanying Donna Lucia (loved by Lord Fancourt) (Age 20-30)

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  1. Patrick Gibbs says:

    Who is directing this show?

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