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Before you press Send, please use this checklist to ensure that you have included all of the important information:

  • What the auditioner will need to come prepared with (i.e., resume, headshot, a monologue, song, prepared scene, etc.)
  • The name of the production
  • The name of the director
  • The name of the production company
  • The type of production (musical, comedy, drama, etc.)
  • What roles are being cast, and what, generally, you’re looking for in those roles (also, please announce any roles that are pre-cast. You don’t need to announce who will be taking the roles, just which roles are already filled).
  • Where actors can pick up sides (if you have them available).
  • When Callbacks will be held (if applicable).
  • When and where the show will be performed and when and where rehearsals will be held (most often forgotten, and most often asked question).
  • If this will be a paid role, or if paid roles are available.
  • Also, please mention if there is any type of “participation” fee you’ll be charging.

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